5 Reasons Every Guy Falls in Love With Jojoba Oil

These days, skin care has become more of a trend than a reality. Consider all the celebrity-approved health kicks we’ve seen. From Will Smith’s cleansing wipes obsession to Kevin Hart’s soap scrub hang-up, the Instagram scene is always buzzing with the next “big thing”. Well forget the media hype! The world is embracing a different remedy, and in this case, gentlemen, it’s no gimmick. In fact, it’s been around for ages. Let’s welcome Jojoba oil, an exotic extract for smoother skin and hair.

If you’re a newbie to skin care world, here are 5 reasons why  men are crazed for jojoba oil.


1. It’s a Natural Skin Softener

When life gets tough, so does our skin. Jojoba oil comes to the rescue with its natural  moisturizing properties and durability, explains Dermatologist Linda Walker, in her skin care handbook.

Unlike most standard moisturizers, filled with cheap synthetic ingredients like silicone, jojoba oil is organic--and this matters! Instead of just creating a temporary layer of softness-- as most standard products do-- jojoba oil actually penetrates the skin to nourish and hydrate the cells.

Plus, the moisturizing effects help slaw off dead skin cells, leaving you with a brighter, flake-free finish.  Your skin is left plump, smooth and fresh.


2. Promotes Natural Hair Growth

Thinning hair is a dreaded downfall we all face. Except it’s a fate you can control-- to some extent at least-- with jojoba oil. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals which help repair your scalp, including vitamin C, B and E, plus copper and zinc.

Jojoba oil feeds your hair follicles to promote natural growth, while hydrating your scalp to prevent dandruff, irritation and baldness. As Health Line reveals, “It can be added to hair conditioners to give you added protection against dryness, breakage, and split end

So think of jojoba oil as your evening cocktail for softer hair-- and while you’re at it, consider ditching the real cocktails. Alcohol dehydrates your scalp and depletes your hair’s vitamins, so when possible, trade your whiskey indulgences for some good ol’ jojoba-- priorities, lads.


3. Soothes Cracked Feet & Hands

Nothing ruins your hand-holding charm like cracked skin. Whether you hide your chapped fingers in your lap or hate exposing your scruffy feet, jojoba oil can help. Its moisturizing agents are effective for replenishing rough, broken skin.

Particularly with black men, African American skin tends to be dry, needing more natural moisture. Jojoba oil can soften even the coarsest texture. Patience is a virtue here, though, because results need time.

Damaged dry skin needs ongoing treatment and pampering to heal naturally. So every day and night, and afternoons if possible, apply jojoba oil to your cracked feet and hands. In a few weeks, you’ll never again be afraid to kick back in your barefoot glory.


4. Controls Oily Skin

Then there’s the reverse problem: skin that’s too oily. Depending on your genetics and diet, your skin may be low in moisture and produce extra oil  to stay healthy. If you’ve got this issue, you’re no stranger to making frequent bathroom visits to blot your nose with tissue.

Jojoba oil can control greasy skin by replenishing its moisture. As the skin gets more hydrated, it won’t release as much oil, letting your face look fresh and clean. To maintain your oil levels, twice daily, apply a natural moisturizer for men with jojoba oil.


5. It's Healing

Forget polysporin-- jojoba oil can heal it! If you suffer from sensitive skin or conditions like acne or eczema, jojoba oil repairs the problem. According to acne.org, jojoba oil is a natural antibacterial, working to ward off acne-causing impurities, along with irritation and redness. 

You’ll still need to be washing and exfoliating your face daily and nightly. Using Jojoba oil alone is not enough to restore your skin; the combination of a cleanser, scrub and moisturizer is the way to clear, smooth skin. Don’t take shortcuts.

Jojoba oil will always be a household classic. Beyond fads, trends or fancy marketing, jojoba oil rises above all the nonsense because it’s straight from nature’s goodness. Plus, it’s been used since ancient times, and you can’t argue with history.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!