Best Beard Oil For African American Men

Grizzly, wavy or trim, every beard has its flow. Have you found your rhythm? If not, it’s time to lube up and tune up your beard. We start with natural beard oil, of course. Learning how to maintain your beard, especially as an African American gent, can be challenging. With those tough, twisty hairs, we need to tame that heap of handsomeness. By using organic botanical extracts, which create the best natural beard oil, our beard can grow healthier and smoother. Let’s put our grooming gusto to the test.

Natural Beard Oil vs. Synthetic

Managing our beard is easy with the right routine and product. There’s plenty of hype on the internet about beard oils, but as an informed lad, we need to know about the quality of ingredients we’re using-- because seriously, it makes a difference!

Synthetic Beard Oil

Most standard beard oils are synthetic, meaning they’re packed with silicone, a slimy texture that mimics oil. It’s mass-produced because it’s cheap to make, and while it temporarily gives our beard a slick feel, it dehydrates our beard overtime.

Silicone is thick and heavy, coating our hairs with hard-to-remove residue, blocking the pores so they can’t breathe-- not healthy! Eventually, our beard gets dry and tangly-- even more so if you’re African American.

Natural Beard Oil

If our beards are natural, why clog it with synthetic sludge? That’s why we must rely on a natural beard oil; it’s similar in texture to the sebum already present in our beard. For this reason, it glides on effortlessly, while letting the pores in our hair breathe to keep our beard moist. Lesson learned.

Just take a look at the superb beards grazing the faces of humbly handsome icons like Will Smith and Denzel. Their beards are always smooth and camera-ready because you can rest assured they’re only using the best natural beard oil.

A Gentleman’s Scent

Want another beard secret? A stylish gent always dons a scented natural beard oil. More subtle than cologne, it gives off a light, charming aroma-- appreciated more fully if your lady-love gets close enough to indulge “come here, darling.” So now you’re pampered with two privileges: female luring powers and beard magnificence-- doubly dashing.

Popular beard scents are those that resemble masculine luxury. Consider smells like tobacco, cedar, and spice to be the creme of the crop. Beard Oil No.15 is a prime example, tinged with the rugged scent of fresh tobacco and a hint of dark rum. Not only does it smell naturally tasty, but it also keeps our beard soft.

Why brush your beard?

For the final touch, we need some good, old-fashioned beard brushing. This grooming tradition helps keep our hairs looking neat by distributing the natural oils in our beard. Basically, the teeth of the brush glide the oils from the topmost part of our hair (around our jawline) downward toward the ends, the driest section, helping the outermost hairs get moisture.

This grooming technique is particularly important for African American men. As mentioned earlier, our hairs are prone to crinkling, so they need extra moisture to stay soft.

As African American men, we need the best natural beard oil for a clean look. It’s all about using nature’s simplicity for the highest-level results.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!