Changing Seasons: Your Fall Men's Hair Care Routine

It’s officially Fall, which means the season of layering, warm colors and good hair is finally here. But let’s be clear: when it comes to your mens hair care routine, different rules apply during these cooler months. Like most things in transition, your hair will need a little more attention, so we’re putting you on game with one of our most popular products: the Deluxe Hair Kit

Known as one of the OGs from our hair care lineup, the Deluxe Hair Kit works to give you the results you’re looking for in an easy routine no matter your hair preference. 

Start your mens hair care routine with one of our shampoo bars to introduce your strands to a much-needed refresh. Formulated to detoxify and remove dirt, our shampoo bars stimulate your scalp while deeply moisturizing and hydrating each strand. Plus, you can take your pick from a range of scents that give you a dose of uplifting aromatherapy as you cleanse (making that shower experience 10x better!). 

And if you’re more of a liquid soap kind of guy, don’t worry… the Deluxe Hair Kit has got you covered. Simply use our Hair + Beard Wash to give your strands the moisture and shine it deserves. Formulated for dry and coarse hair, this all-natural solution penetrates deep into your roots to reduce split ends, control itchy scalps and leave you with a refreshing feel while you cleanse.

Once washed, your hair will need to be replenished ASAP. Our Hair and Beard Conditioner drenches your strands with moisture, while protecting you against any unwanted elements. A hydrating blend of organic shea butter, Jamaican black caster oil and carrot oil creates a rich texture perfect for replenishing African American men’s hair. When applying, gently glide the conditioner over your hair, making sure to work it into your tips if you have longer strands.

Now that you’ve gotten the easy part out of the way, it’s time to give your hair the moisture it deserves with our Baobab Hair and Scalp Moisturizer. Perfect for men’s dry hair and damaged hair, its hydrolyzed wheat protein and grapeseed oil ingredients create a lightweight solution that protects and restores to bring your hair back to life. 

At this point in your men’s hair care routine, you want to make sure you pay attention to your scalp. A healthy scalp means that you have a healthy dose of hair growing from it. And by consistently cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing, you’ll be on your way to ensure healthy hair growth in no time.

Now follow up by styling your hair the right way. Whether you prefer deep waves or like to grow your strands, our Styling Paste is a non-greasy solution that gives your hair a natural, soft hold. Plus, it seals in moisture and protects your hair’s surface with extra hydration to keep you on point throughout the day. 

Our Boar Bristle Hair + Beard Brush is the perfect bonus to your men’s hair care routine. Not only does this military-style brush gently massage your scalp, but it works to unclog hair follicles and balance your scalp’s oil production day in and day out. Plus, it’s compact design and durable beechwood handle allows you to take it with you without any worry of snapping or breaking. Remember: when brushing your beard, gently brush in the direction your beard grows in. This will help to evenly distribute any oils or product you’ve used for the best hydration.

Keeping your hair on point while the seasons change is all about consistency. Get ahead of the game with our Deluxe Hair Kit to experience a noticeably healthy hair difference.