Fresh Scents To Add To Your Grooming Arsenal

The transition into the spring season brings lightness to your life: lighter clothes, lighter workloads and even lighter cologne scents. But often times, cologne for men can be easily overlooked thanks to busy work schedules, last minute planning and an insignificant reputation.

Truth is, your scent is an extension of your grooming routine. And clean scents, in particular, can easily become a go-to for making the right impression during the spring season. But like anything, choosing the perfect warm weather cologne is never an easy judgement call. First things first: look for complementary elements such as citrus, aquatic or floral notes.

We’ve got the rundown on some of our favorite spring season scents to take your ‘smell good’ game to the next level.

Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Cologne

A light Earthy mix of French lavender and petitgrain mesh well with your skin’s pH, underlined with a warm amber finish for the perfect worldly scent.

Trinity Hills Co Wild Mint Beard Balm

Combined with signature scents of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and clary sage, our beard balm blends two sides of tonalities for an addictive union.

Versace For Men Eros Fragrance

Inspired by Greek mythology, Earthy notes make up the masculine base of this cologne, topped with mint, green apple and lemon to create a fragrance perfect for a confident man.

Trinity Hills Co Citrunite Beard Oil

Fusing together citrus favorites of litsea, blood orange, lemon and lime, this beard oil is light in scent but not without depth. A few drops twice a day work to stop dryness and lock in beard hydration, keeping your mane soft and shiny while you turn heads.