Grooming Tips: From The Weight Room to the Conference Room

Photo: LifeCrew

Getting prepped for the day after an intense gym session has become a commonplace for many men. And with the spring season finally showing face, your body is in need of a little more TLC than the usual shower-and-go routine that’s all too familiar.

While you may have a winning workout routine, it pays to make sure your skin routine equally measures up to that excellent form. Follow along with our easy post gym tips to maximize your grooming routine and take you from the weight room to the conference room.

Prep Before You Hit The Gym

The key to preserving fresh hair and skin even after your workout is to make sure you’re properly prepared beforehand. Bringing your own gym supplies - towel, workout gloves, etc. - is an easy habit that’ll help you avoid drenching your skin in bacteria or leftovers from someone else’s workout. And if you’re heading straight into the office afterward, take a few minutes to grab your hair care basics to make the most use of your time.

Stay Hydrated

While your grooming routine plays a vital role in keeping fresh hair and skin, you can’t solely depend on natural grooming products to do the job alone. Staying hydrated is vital while you exercise, especially because you’re constantly sweating. Just be sure to replenish that moisture by drinking water during your workout.

Shower, Shower … Shower

Chances are, if you’re working out like a champ, you’re sweating like one too. And while it may seem obvious, many guys forget to shower after exercising. Whether you’ve got plans scheduled or not, be sure to rinse away any sweat, oil or grime as soon as possible with a natural body soap that moisturizes and leaves skin refreshed.

Take Care Of Your Face

Going the extra mile when it comes to your face is a no-brainer. In the moments after a workout, oil and sweat can creep into the skin to clog pores. We recommend using a mens natural bar soap daily that’s tailored to fight acne and tone the skin.

Defeat Grease Build-Up

Similar to your muscles, your hair turns into a fragile state after any workout session. Easily eliminate any grease build-up by using a natural men’s shampoo bar to strip your hair of oils, followed by a natural hair and scalp moisturizer for an ultra nourishing finish.

Keep A Soft Touch

Sure, pounding the punching bag might be addictive, but outside the gym your palms (and other areas) should be a tad bit gentler. Not only will a natural body scrub rid your skin of sweat and build-up, but it works to exfoliate and draw in moisture for an easy win