Holiday Gift Guide: The Grooming Gifts He'll Actually Use

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, there’s one simple rule we live by: Instead of buying men gifts you think they’ll love (because you do), buy them something they’ll actually use in their day-to-day lives.

Every African American man has their own style and swag, which is why the holiday season is never a one-size-fits-all situation. And if there’s ever a perfect time of year to upgrade the man-in-your-life’s grooming routine, it would definitely be the holidays. So whether you’re looking to cop something for your husband/partner/friend/family member (or even yourself for that matter), we’re here to put you on game with our men’s grooming holiday gift guide.


African American men who rock beards aren’t interested with quantity over quality. Instead, their main concern is finding an effective product that produces amazing results… which is where our Deluxe Beard Kit comes in. Not only does this kit provide African American men with all the products needed to keep their beard routine A-1, but it’s also equipped with the tools to style their hair. Best of all, this beard kit gets the job done without the use of ingredients like sulfate and silicone, and without leaving the beard a greasy mess.


Guys who carry a reputation for throwing on the drip usually like to keep it consistent… all the way down to their hair. With winter being here, you can never go wrong with a few hair care basics for African American hair, like our Hair and Beard Conditioner and Hair Styling Paste. The conditioner replenishes each strand with moisture and oils after cleansing. Couple that with our hair styling paste to achieve any desired style with a lightweight hold. And did we mention that the styling paste doubles in use for African American waves and other men’s hairstyles? That’s an easy 1-2 punch. 


When it comes to the newbie who’s at the beginning stages of establishing a grooming routine, you want to make sure you lace him with the best. Opt for some of our must-have essentials that are perfect for starting a grooming routine. The Beard Oil Sample Pack covers all the bases of healthy beard growth, while our Bergamot + Ginger Body Lotion will introduce him to all-day moisture. And if he’s the type to work hard and play harder, check out the Body Care Kit, designed to transform African American skin from dry to soft and smooth.


If you’re planning on gifting the man who knows the power of not looking his age, then you better come correct this holiday season! Keep him on the right track with our PM Anti Aging Kit. This age-defying set helps African American skin stay clear and healthy looking while maximizing the skin repairing process. Recommended for all skin types, this foursome works to cleanse, remove impurities, hydrate and decrease signs of aging.