Mastering Skin Care 101: The Face Edition

Solidifying an effective skin care routine has always been tricky, especially when you’re unsure of what products get the job done. Luckily, our latest roster of face care products were created with you in mind. Whether you fall victim to dry or oily skin, we’ve got a lineup catered to giving your face the ultimate treatment and keeping you on your game.

First things first: you need to wash your face. Yes, we know we may sound mundane saying it, but doing this incorrectly can undermine your efforts and stop you from getting the best results. Read on to find out how to easily incorporate four key products into your face care routine. 

Before you begin washing your face, wash your hands thoroughly to remove any existing residue. Apply warm water to your face before lathering with our Activated Salt Face Bar. Begin to apply the soap to your face, forehead and chin using gentle circular motions. Make sure you try not to push and pull the skin so much. Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water after a few minutes, making sure you cleanse the area around your eyes carefully.

Now that your face is damp, grab the Face Cleansing Mud. Keep in mind it’s better to apply the mask while the face is damp and warm, allowing the product to spread evenly and penetrate the skin with a deep cleanse.

Scoop out a handful of mud and gently spread a medium layer around your cheeks, forehead, temples and chin. Avoid applying the mud around your eye area to keep from irritation. Let the mask sit on your face for 15 minutes before gently washing it off. If you’re having trouble removing the mask, soak your washcloth in hot water and place it over your face for about 30 seconds before wiping the mask off. 

Once most of the mask has been cleaned off, splash your face with warm water to help remove any of the remaining mud. Now grab a towel and pat your skin to successfully dry your face. If you have acne, refrain from rubbing your skin with a towel to avoid irritation.

After you’ve finished washing and cleansing your skin, it’s always a good idea to apply an appropriate moisturizer. If you have oily skin, we recommend using the Face Lotion. Simply pump out 1 to 2 dabs of moisturizer and gently apply it to your face to lock in long-lasting moisture. 

If dry skin is more of an issue for you, we got you covered too. Our Daily Hydrating Face Oil is designed to penetrate deeper than the everyday lotion to relieve dryness and balance moisture. Dispense a few drops into your palms before applying the oil to your face and gently rubbing it in.

Regardless of your skin type, the products you use can make all the difference in getting the best results. Be sure to employ these steps into your face care routine to keep your skin care A1.