Natural Anti Aging Tips for African American Men

Fellow lads, we’re not getting any younger. At some point, usually around our early thirties, the payback of our late nights and whiskey indulgences begin to show-- mother nature’s karma. So if you’re an African American gent, noticing the signs of fine lines and dark spots, where do you turn? Any of the mainstream remedies are a no-go; they’re mass-produced with chemicals that can only offer the temporary look of improvement. Instead, you’ll need to pamper your skin naturally. Here are proven natural anti-aging solutions for African American men.

Drink Lemon Water

You’ve probably heard all about that detox hullabaloo from social media. Folks get all excited about detoxing with lemons, but listen here: it’s not all rumor.  By drinking plenty of water, enriched with lemon juice (vitamin C & electrolytes), you’re nourishing and moisturizing your entire body, helping your skin get brighter and plumper to prevent signs of aging.

When you don't drink enough water, your skin gets dehydrated, leading to a dull complexion and dark under-eye circles-- even darker for African American skin.

To keep your complexion smooth and awake, drinking lemon-infused water is like an energy shot for your face. It boosts your circulation and hydrates your skin to ward off wrinkles. For this reason, this nutritious beverage is your best pal-- show em’ loyalty.

Moisturize Twice Daily

Dry skin equals wrinkles. Understood?

When your skin is thirsty, it’ll get a patchy texture and visible pores-- not suitable for your humbly handsome close-up.

To keep your skin fresh and soft, use a men's moisturizing soap twice daily-- once in the a.m. and once at p.m. Here’s the age-old logic behind this rule: in the morning, you’re keeping your skin hydrated through the day, guarding it against the aging effects of the sun and wind. Then, at night, you’re helping your skin repair and heal while you snooze. This brings us to our next tip...

Get Your Handsome Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t just for the ladies. Some of us gents underestimate the importance of slumber because we’re too busy building our empire or whatnot.

Yet, getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each day lets our body work to restore itself by metabolizing vitamins and strengthening our immunity. Basically, when you’re generous with giving your body rest, it rewards you handsomely. You’ll appear well-rested and so will your skin, that glowing African American skin.

Eat Well

Sounds obvious, yes, but then again, ask yourself: how often are you getting all your leafy greens? Eating a hardy dose of veggies and lean proteins provides the nutrients you need to rebuild skin tissue. Compare it to taking pride in your car; you wouldn’t gas-up your Bentley with anything less than premium, right? The same rationale applies to your skincare. You need to eat premium to look premium.

By eating plenty of veggies, you’re getting those youth-boosting antioxidants to help revitalize your body and keep that blood flowing. You’ll have a healthier complexion and fewer wrinkles, guaranteed.

What’s more, a proper diet detoxifies your body. Remember our lesson on lemons? Same idea here. Eating your greens cleans out the toxins from your body, helping prevent signs of aging caused by congestion-- in simple terms, an overflow of waste.  By keeping our body clean, free from sugars, additives and other junk, our skin stays younger because it’s not stressed-out from a lousy diet. Just ask momma-- she knows best!

We never need to experience a “who’s that?!!!” moment when we gaze in the mirror and wonder where the years went. With these simple tips to reduce signs of aging for African American men, we can cooperate with mother nature to make our looks last. There’s no better way to preserve that handsomeness.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!