Our Newest Beard Accessory To Level Up Your Mane

Contrary to popular belief, a well-maintained beard doesn’t happen overnight. And while it may seem like some men are flossing neater beards than others, the reality is: most men’s beards need a little pick-me-up -- which is where our newest product comes in.

If you’re serious about keeping your beard in A1 condition, the Beard Brush is the latest component to add to your grooming routine. Constructed of walnut and boar bristles, this compact design is made to last whether you carry it on-the-go or keep it in the office. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why boar bristles?” And the answer’s pretty simple. Similar to human hair, boar bristles carry the ability to collect oils and naturally distribute them throughout hair follicles -- which is key when it comes to men’s beard growth. By redistributing oils evenly, your mane won’t be weighed down with product, it’ll begin to have a soft texture, and with consistency you’ll begin to see your beard hairs boasting a natural shine.

But can we talk about how to use our newest beard accessory? Simply apply a small amount of your preferred beard oil or beard balm to the beard brush before massaging into your entire beard. Begin to brush along your beard’s natural grain, allowing the bristles to work oil into your beard and the skin beneath it. Also keep in mind you want to clean your beard brush frequently, so flyaway hairs and dead skin cells aren’t being reapplied.

Ready to step up your beard game? Grab our newest beard brush here.