Short Hairstyle Trends to Try this Summer

Our hair is our mojo. Spicing up our style, the right haircut can define our image and add spark to our step-- one word, folks: confidence! Yet, like all great things in life, a change is always welcome. After all, we’re always evolving and improving, so why shouldn’t our hair? This summer, hairstyle trends for men are going short, so for now, my dear hair enthusiasts, we’re saying goodbye to those long, Elvis-inspired pompadours in exchange for chopped locks. Let’s see which short hairstyles for men are best this summer 2019.


Fade & Hair Tattoo

With fades on the rise, we’re seeing more creative liberty. Amen to that! From high fades to tapered fades, there’s a bounty of ways to tailor your awesomeness, but with one feature more: hair tattoos with clippers.

You may have already seen them, probably in some under-impressive ways, like with juniors and their thunderbolt fades-- errr no, it’s not that, thankfully!

This summer, hair tattoos of 2019 are more sophisticated, showing abstract designs that are tasteful, not tacky. Browse through styles on Pinterest to find quality inspiration. 

Spiked Crop

We’re returning to the spiked hair of the 90’s but with a twist. Now, the spikes should be flowy and softly tapered, instead of those plastic-hard spikes that bombarded the Boy Band age (may it rest in peace).

This short hairstyle is ideal for trendsetters or any gent with big ears. It minimizes the look of your ears with the hair's dynamic flow on top, taking away focus from the middle of your head. For inspiration, check out some of the African American fashionisters on Instagram; they’re donning short spiked dreadlocks with a high fade. True art, folks!

Consider using a soft-hold natural hair paste to perfectly shape the tips.


Long Buzz Cut With High Fade

Lightweight and sharp, a long buzz is the handsomest way to stay low-maintenance. You’re keeping the top less than an inch high and the sides clipped to a high fade for a clean-cut feel. It’s been a long-time runway and red carpet look for many esteemed gents like Nick Cannon, Tyler Perry and our dear ol’ Obama. Now that’s the America I know!

This summer 2018, the long buzz is one of the most sought-after looks for men, especially African American fellas.


Textured Short Crop

Give your hair some personality. The textured crop calls for layers to add more oomph. Not only is it rugged and fondle-friendly (for her), but it also helps offset a larger nose. Yes lads, the textured short crop is a generous multi-tasker. To reduce the look of your nose, the height and rhythm of the layers distract from your face’s center to help balance your facial features.

Yet word to the wise: make sure to see a highly experienced barber for this cut. Layers are a precise art and need to be done expertly; otherwise, if you’re left with lazy, choppy layers, you’ll have a difficult DIY styling mission. If you're still unsure, do some self-educating to learn more about layers. Informed gents may scope some lookbooks or a men's fashion blogger for inspiration.


Short Pomp

The modern pompadour is loved for its dashing pretty-boy vibe. Yet, this summer, the trend is putting a spin on the pompadour with a short version. Here, the hair is slicked back with a natural boar bristle brush to create volume, but no higher than a couple inches.  

In terms of the fade, you’ve got lots of flexibility; choose any kind. Yet, keep in mind: a short pomp with a mid drop fade appears more classic and distinguished, while one with a high fade or tapered cut appears more bold and trendy. Customize it to compliment your personal style.


Feeling inspired yet? Short cropped hairstyles are the trend to try this summer in 2019 for men. If you’re planning on going to the salon for a hair makeover, don’t hesitate to get specific about the details to achieve exactly the look you want. Every feature of the cut should be addressed with your stylist beforehand: the height, fade, style and texture-- all the features that will personalize your cut. Enjoy the experience, but most importantly, enjoy the creation.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!