Summer Grooming Tips To Keep You Fresh In The Heat

Summer is prime time for sports, sun and plenty of travel -- which calls for an update on one’s grooming routine. In between constant movement, rising temperatures and unexpected rain, there’s a good chance you may have to take some extra time in the shower or rethink an entire outfit.

Either way, as the seasons change, so should your grooming techniques and habits. What works in the winter won’t necessarily be productive in the summer season. So listen up and take notes on how to upkeep your fresh with these grooming tips to help you close out the warmer months.


Switch Up Your Moisturizer

You want to pay attention to how you moisturize your face during the summer season. With the mix of sweat and heavy oils, your skin can experience unwanted clogged pores that’ll have you reminiscing on your teenage years. Put those heavy moisturizers to the side and try a lightweight alternative like our Daily Hydrating Face Oil to relieve dryness without the bulky feel.


Keep Your Feet Camera Ready

So long are the days where you’re tucking your toes at the beach! For feet, the summer season can invite the unwanted concerns of sweat build-up, blisters, and dry skin. Instead, commit to giving your feet some well-needed attention with any one of our Coffee Scrub options. Mineral-rich dead sea salt infused with demerara sugar draws in moisture as you go about your day to leave you with smooth skin.


Protect Your Hair From The Heat

We all know the importance of washing our hair.. But for some reason, the hair is the last part of the body to get the nutrients it needs. Try our Hair Wash and Conditioner options to remove torment from excessive heat. Remember to wash no more than twice a week and be sure to condition your strands to restore moisture and protect your hair from unnecessary elements.