These Natural Tips Give you Softer Hair: Men's Care

african american soft hair

Soft hair is awarded in two ways: you’re either born with it or you treat it right. So unless you've naturally got that touchable, strokable hair (mmmm…), it’s time to upgrade your maintenance routine. Is it work? Well yes, a little, but like all great things in life, you’ve got to give some love. Here are the top natural tricks to get softer hair. Ready, gents? Let’s begin!


Check your shampoo 

First, let’s assess the quality of  your shampoo. Here’s how to check: if your product labels read like a confusing lab experiment, including alcohol, sulfates and other hard-to-pronounce chemicals, your stash is bad. Sorry.

These cleaning ingredients are intensely harmful and toxic. They may be great at washing away dirt and grease, but there’s a catch! They also deplete your hair’s moisture, making it brittle, leading to scalp flaking, dryness and roughness— the dreaded hair trinity.

Ditch all the toxins 

The same rules apply to your hair styling products. Are they 100% natural? If not, they’re sucking away your hair’s shine and health. So even if your favourite go-to pomade let’s you swivel your locks into that handsome hairdo, it’s still dehydrating your hair. Ditch it. Good lad. 


Keep it natural 

To make your hair soft, men with rougher hair need natural products.

Just keep it simple. Your products should only contain high-quality, earth-based ingredients— the kind that truly nurtures your hair, not suffocates it. Just like charming a fine lady, your hair needs that same passion, maintenance and most certainly, a natural approach-- now, that’s true hair chemistry!

Get a feel for your texture 

Next, let’s learn why your hair texture matters. Depending on your ethnicity, your hair might be trickier to soften. No problem. If it’s naturally rough, your hair just needs a little more TLC.

For African American men, your hair strands are firm and wavy; this texture causes the strands to bend as they coil. The downside is that your hairs are more prone to dryness and breakage. The solution? Add moisture. 

With moisture, the strands are less breakable and frizzy. Think of the way a frozen-stiff twig can crack more easily in the dead of winter. It’s a crippling force, same with your hair, same with your overall style.


Don’t overdo it 

As we've all learned, you can have too much of a good thing— and that includes shampooing.

When you clean your hair too often, you’ll dry it out over time. After continued over-washing, your tresses will lose their shine (and spirit) as they become limp and lifeless— no soul, no oomph.

To keep your locks looking lively, only wash your hair twice a week.

You can put the bounce back into your hair with these nature tips. Remember to always keep your products pure and in a few months, your hair will reward you with softness. It’ll feel lighter, richer  and much more lady-friendly— an experience we value highly among nature’s other soulful moments, like gazing out on a sunlit dock or that alone-on-mountain kind of peace… but with great hair!

Stay humbly handsome, gents!