Top 5 Beard Style Trends for Men: Summer 2018

Finding a compromise between a lady-approved beard and your own vision can be tricky. Fortunately, this season’s beard trends are much tamer than some of those hearty Abe Lincoln bushes we’ve seen.  So whether you’re a picky facial hair enthusiast or simply want to try something new, here are the top beard trends for summer 2018.


Plain and simple, stubble is on the rise. It’s effortlessly rugged and easy to maintain. We warmly welcome this beard trend for summer, especially since its lightweight feel keeps our faces feeling fresh.

When growing out some stubble, don’t neglect the soul patch just below the lower lip. It brings harmony to the beard, while evoking that old-school jazzy touch. Pure taste.

Mini goatee

We all know the goatee and sex appeal haven’t traditionally gone together. But wait, lads. This year, the trend is a little different.

With the mini goatee, the hair fluff only falls an inch past your chin— so this way, you avoid that quirky feather duster look.  Just check out Will Smith's grooming style. He often rocks this style expertly, combined with tapered side cut for a more modern feel.


Round beard

Full, wild beards are slowly phasing out. Yet, if you still prefer a grizzly look, you can try the round beard trend of 2018. You still get that hardy, hairy fullness, but the rounded shape adds more neatness and control.

Finish with some natural beard oil to seal the outermost hairs and maintain the style.


Faded side-burn beard

If you love fades, this beard is your calling. It features high-fade sides that flow seamlessly into the beard. For the beard size, it can be full or medium; it’s up to personal preference.

This style is beautifully original and versatile. You get the traditional freedom of a manful beard, but along with some sharpness that keeps it modern.  It’s ideal for guys who’d like to grow out their mane, while still maintaining a clean look. It’s humble handsomeness at its finest.

Tapered beard

It’s a showstopper, so groom with care. As one of the newest beard styles of 2018, this tapered beard shape offers something unique yet polished.

Basically, the end tip of the beard peaks outward, forming a point. It works especially well for gents with receding chins or weak jawlines, giving more projected structure to your face. Bravo!


Our beards, dear fellas, are one of our most natural forms of self-expression. Don’t underestimate the allure of a great beard and most certainly, never leave your facial hair ungroomed. Treat your face to a stylish beard trend for summer 2018.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!