Top Fades for Black Men: Hairstyles 2018

A good fade is like getting pampered with a tailored-made suit. Styled and polished, it offers that made-to-measure touch of handsomeness, the kind that makes you feel like a million-dollar gent. There are tons of fades to try in 2018, but it’s best to choose one that flatters your unique facial features and hair type. From the classic, side-part to the layered spiked cut, there’s the right fade for everyone. For black gents, especially, the right fade can instantly give hair a softer and more modern look. Let's scope out the top fades for black men.

Drop fade Fohawk

As one of the most popular black men's hairstyles for 2018, the drop fade fohawk tops the charts. This cut is unique because instead of the buzz fading vertically, it follows around the ears and gets longer in the back. At the top, the hair bevels smoothly into a fohawk.  Usher Raymond is usually seen rocking this hairstyle— and quite frankly, we're not surprised, seeing as he's a golden standard in fashion.

This fade style works well for men with wide or full faces. As the fohawk adds more height to your head, it creates the illusion of a slimmer jawline. But we won’t recommend this style if you've got bigger ears. In this case, you'll want to get the short afro with a low fade.

Short afro with low fade

In the world of greatest hits, the short afro is our top song! Ideal for lads who want more fullness on their crown and a bit at the sides, the short afro with a low fade gives you this effect.

It’s basically a combination of the classics, a touch of the old-school afro but shorter, while the sharp fade keeps it modern. The traditional afro, on the other hand (big, rounded hair and long at the sides), is an outdated look you don’t want to try.

The short afro is best when there’s a balance between the fullness at the sides and the top. Essentially, the fade should be kept low and progress seamlessly to the top for a neatly blended result.

If your hair texture is unruly, you’ll need the right product. A water-based styling pomade is great for smoothing curls or frizz. Since it’s lightweight and moisturizing, it won’t feel gunky or weigh down your hair-- just pure, soft elegance!

Disconnected side part fade

William James Adams Jr. is the king of side parts. But now, there’s a twist: a disconnect! Creating an up-to-date version of this classic black hairstyle, a disconnected side part that's clipped into the fade makes it more current.

There are tons of variations of this cut to suit your style. If you prefer a more clean-cut, office-friendly look, the side part can be left more subtle with a mid-fade. Or if you want an edgier take, go for a more dramatic side part, contrasted by a low fade and sharp lines at the front.

The disconnected side part even works for longer hairstyles. If you’ve got long, coiled locks, a disconnected side part can help add more definition to your shaggy do. Talk to your barber about which approach works best for your features and lifestyle.

Skin fade with disconnected beard

Among the top fades for black men, this artistic look takes the lead: the skin fade with a disconnected beard. The hair is long on top and shaved at the sides, graduating into a high fade that disappears into the skin at the bottom. The beard is then disjointed from the fade, starting as a sharp point that becomes thicker at the chin.

Sleek and sharp, it offers a freshly groomed appearance so you can always appear tidy-- even when you’ve rolled out of bed! To maintain your beard, choose only the best product for your hair: the black edition beard oil with all-natural ingredients. Straight from the motherland, it features all the wholesome ingredients we know and love, including Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba, but with even more fixings!

There’s invigorating coconut oil and Jamaican black castor oil, plus some rich Ylang Ylang, an exotic Argan oil, raw from the earth. You’ll be left with supreme softness, the caliber that ladies want to touch!


For style that never fades, dear lads, it’s all about the hair fade! With the right products and a loyal barber, you’ll be trumpeting through the city with your head held high.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!