Try These Natural Ways to Prevent Thinning Hair

So you’re a few hairs short of your former glory. If you’re like many other image-conscious gents, you’ve probably become your own hair sheriff, carefully tracking the whereabouts of each strand. You’ve also probably considered or tried using growth meds. But heed my word: don’t! These products can mess up your natural growth cycle and weaken your scalp. Instead, treat your scalp like it's holy; it's the best way to sprout some specks of goodness (but perhaps, a little praying never hurts either. Ha.).  Here are the natural ways to prevent thinning hair.


Comb That Hair

Lazy bodies don’t perform well. Same with your scalp. Combing your hair is like exercise for your scalp; it strengthens your hair follicles. But if your scalp becomes inactive, the hair follicles won’t giddy-up and do their job: growing hair. The follicles need to be triggered with circulation to work their best.

In turn, combing your hair helps activate the follicles by stimulating the blood flow to your head--the noble one, of course— mind your thoughts!


Treat Your Scalp Kindly

A scalp needs to be healthy to sprout hairs. Just as soil needs to be in good-condition to sprout growth, so does hair. Your scalp is like soil: it needs to be pure and moist.

Keep It Clean

Is your scalp clean? On a daily basis, our hair follicles get clogged with dirt, pollutant, and grease. As it collects on your head, bacteria and fungus can grow, which weakens your hair follicles. If the hair follicles get too weak, they’ll grow thinner hair, and if the hair follicle dies altogether, you’ll start balding in that area. 

To keep your scalp clean for growth, shampoo your hair twice weekly. Not only will it help maintain hair, but choosing the right cleanser with a sophisticated scent is highly appreciated by the ladies. Entreat her senses like a true gentleman.

Keep It Moist

A dry scalp won’t grow healthy hair. Let’s go back to our soil analogy; if you’ve got dry earth, it won’t produce crops-- same with a dry scalp.

When your scalp dries out, it’ll get dandruff, clogging your hair follicles so they can’t breathe. And what’s worse, dandruff is a breeding ground for fungus, leading to itching and irritation. Then, your scalp gets inflamed, putting even more stress on the follicles.

That’s why we need a moist scalp to maintain healthy hair follicles that can produce growth. Yet, not too moist; otherwise, we get grease clog and the problem continues. It’s all about balance. Try using a moisture balancing shampoo to get it right.


Ditch The Tobacco

Smoking might be pleasurable, but not for your hair. The boost of adrenaline we get from tobacco causes our hair follicles to get less oxygen. With less fresh air, our follicles begin shrinking and producing thinner hair.

Even if genetically, you were meant to start balding anyhow, tobacco will just quicken the process. So, if you want to hold onto your locks for longer, ditch the tobacco. Or on rare occasions, treat yourself to a premium cigar. That's a good lad.


Eat Right

Hair follicles need vitamins too! When we act like piggish gluttons, stuffing ourselves with sugar and refined carbs, our hair follicles become stressed and weak from the lack of nutrients.

It’s even worse if you don’t get enough protein in your diet. After all, what’s the main ingredient in hair? Protein! By eating lots of lean meats, fish and greens, you’re feeding your hair follicles so they can sprout healthy locks. Never underestimate the power of a good diet in preventing thinning hair.

Thinning hair is not always permanent. By taking the natural steps early on to prevent balding, you’ll never need to settle for any quick-fix gimmicks like meds. Treat your body better and your hair will thank you with growth.

Stay humbly handsome, gents!