Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 5 Perfect Gifts For Him

Figuring out a Valentine’s Day gift for your beau is never an easy task, but it’s especially difficult so soon after the holidays, when you’ve likely exhausted any lingering creative idea. Chocolates and flowers are a memory of the past, and if you’re reaching for that last minute gift card, let’s just say you might be single soon.

Luckily, for those still hunting for the perfect Valentine's Day gift to satisfy the man in your life, we’re here to help. This year should be all about showing your love and peaking his interests -- so why not deliver with the gift that keeps on giving long after the excitement has dissipated? Grooming and self care gifts are the perfect practical surprise to spoil your man with on Valentine’s Day. And while they may not seem that sexy in a box, once he rubs, moisturizes and applies, he’ll be looking good and smelling even better long after the holiday.

So whether your guy is a beard connoisseur or all about keeping his skin fresh, read on -- we’ve got some of the best men's grooming gifts to satisfy his regimenor start a new one.

The Bearded Gent

Fact is, there’s no written formula to a well-kept beard. But a known secret to keeping your man’s beard game A-1 is daily conditioning. Regardless of his beard stage, our Hair and Beard Conditioner will restore moisture and soften the beard, helping your man to easily manage his mane. A handcrafted formula of shea butter, Moroccan argan oil and Jamaican black caster oil work to hydrate all day, while this perfectly-sized container can be thrown in any gym or weekend bag.

The Travel Expert

If your man is one who’s always on the go, he shouldn’t have to sacrifice his grooming routine. Whether his focus is on beard growth or keeping the waves on spin, invest in our Dual Beard Comb or Boar Bristle Brush to give your guy the perfect midday pick-me-up. Ideal for styling, their wood construction ensures long-lasting durability, so you’ll never hear him complaining about snapping or breaking off.

The Luxe Shaver

Rest assured your beau can finally enjoy his shaving session without worrying about any sting thanks to our Aftershave Restoring BalmAn alcohol-free formula, this smooth balm will leave him feeling gentle, which is something you both can enjoy.

The Outdoor Fellow

No longer are the days where your man is staying away from scented soap simply because he doesn’t want to sacrifice his masculinity. With hints of citrus and coconut milk combined with a woody cedar finish, our natural Cedargrove Body Soap will moisturize his skin while leaving him with a subtle, earthy scent that we’re sure you’ll love.

The Skin Goals Champ

Sure, most men don’t always follow a skin care regimen, but trust us, many can seriously benefit from one. Whether your man is in need of one or could simply use an update, simplify the process with our Face Cleansing Mud. Gift your man with the experience of indulging in a home spa treatment. Or better yet, make it an intimate night-in where you can join in on the fun.


Nothing says I Love You more than a well-thought-out gift. And what better time than V-Day to show your man your appreciation for his grooming routine? Whether you’re gifting or getting, these carefully selected picks are bound to keep you ahead of the game while you prepare yourself for love on Valentine’s Day.