Your Journey To Good Skin: The PH Balanced Facial Toner

If you’re already cleansing and moisturizing regularly but aren’t concerned about your skin’s PH levels, it’s about time we put you on game. Healthy skin requires no half stepping, which is where our newest product, the PH Balanced Facial Toner, comes in.

Formulated to reduce excess oils on the skin’s surface, our facial toner is the “middle man” your face care routine is missing. This alcohol-free solution removes residual dirt and impurities that your cleanser doesn’t always successfully eliminate. And if that doesn’t sound like much of a deal breaker.. just think of dead skin cells accumulating on the surface of your face and increasing your likelihood for blemishes -- talk about a glow-killer.

We’re guessing you probably want to know what’s in it, right? Bet. Composed of all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, white willow bark extract and DMAE, this formula works to complement your skin with a wealth of benefits, including tackling acne. Plus, being infused with light tea tree essential oil is an added bonus that helps reduce skin irritation while calming inflammation. 

For maximum usage, apply the facial toner after cleansing and once your skin has dried. Gently swab your face and neck to unclog pores, hydrate, and prep the skin for additional products like all-natural serums or moisturizers. Over time, you’ll experience smoother, rejuvenated and refreshing skin with an even complexion.

Ready to add the PH Balanced Facial Toner to your face care routine? Check it out here.