Trinity Hills Co. was founded in 2016 in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. We aim to produce products specifically formulated for men to improve their grooming needs and enhance their powerful masculinity.

Men are created with a strong personality and our mission lies on how they want to fully develop this. We understand they also aim to improve their appearance for different purposes and we want them to stand out uniquely.

This mission lead us to handcraft beard oil, beard balm, and other beard products. We ensure every formulation is produced in the highest level of quality without bringing any harm to different species of our environment. We also care for our nature and we want you to feel the comfort of using our products knowing they are made safe for everyone.

Every piece of product is made affordable so we can share the convenience and benefits of using our brand. We understand every man wants to embrace his personality and enhance it through using proper products that give a healthy appearance to his growing beard.

We aim to provide this opportunity and we also persevere to give you the best. Through the safest and natural process done to formulate our beard oil and beard balm, we guarantee you could achieve the look and neatness of a beard you aim to have.

We only use natural ingredients to ensure our products are safe for you. As they are created naturally, they are guaranteed to be effective and healthy to use so the effort you spend in bringing the best in you is worth it. Their effectiveness is also proven and tested before they are introduced in the market.

We commit to building a long lasting relationship with you as we strive to promote your dominating masculinity, meeting your daily beard needs, and motivating you all throughout the challenge of upbringing a neat and healthy looking beard.