How To Keep Your Skin Winning Using Our Skin Hydration Kit

Sometimes simple is better, including when it comes to your skin. After all, anything in life that you truly appreciate, you take relatively good care of. Keeping your skin game on point isn’t a hard goal to accomplish -- and like anything, starts with a good routine. But before you go filling your cabinet with random products, we’ve got the formula on how to create a healthy skin care routine that gives you daily hydration.

New to the grooming scene, our Skin Hydration Kit is the key to creating healthy skin. Packed with 3 key products: the Body Lotion, Body Butter and Kokum Body Balm, this all-natural trio will take you from day to night while working to keep your skin hydrated.

Start your day with the Body Lotion to introduce your skin to a gentle first layer of moisture. Made with natural butters and kukui nut oil, this lotion quickly absorbs to your skin to rejuvenate and soothe any irritations, making it the perfect option for applying after a shower.

Follow up with the Kokum Body Balm to attack the areas that need a little more TLC. This hydrating blend of all-natural oils, butters and herbs penetrates dry spots like your knees, elbows and cracked feet to protect the surface with extra hydration and lock in softness throughout the day.

Now that you’ve gotten most of the hard work out the way, give your skin a well-deserved finish with our Body Butter. Infused with natural ingredients like cocoa butter and olive oil, this body butter is an excellent way to keep things smooth throughout the night. Apply the non-greasy solution to your skin to eliminate itchy areas and lend your skin deep care without performing any additional effort.

Taking the leap to healthy skin is all about consistency. Get ahead of the game with our Skin Hydration Kit to experience daily hydration that your body will thank you for.