In-Home Grooming Tips When You Can't Make It To The Barber

We’ve all been there before -- needing to get to the barber for an emergency cut or line-up only to find that they’re either booked or on vacation. And while you may not be an expert with the clippers or know what to use to properly cleanse your scalp, skin or beard, we’re sharing some tips to keep you looking good if you have to take the DIY approach to grooming. 


Love The Skin You’re In

You’ve likely heard this phrase more times than you can count but it’s true: looking your best begins with loving your skin. Show your face some TLC with our Purifying Face Wash. Our natural, paraben-free formula penetrates deep to remove excess oil and impurities from the face leaving you looking fresh and vibrant. There’s no need to worry about daily use since the  Purifying Face Wash restores moisture and calms irritated skin. 

This cleanser is an essential step in your at-home grooming process. 

Scalp Care 

Although you may not be able to get a cut, you can take care of your scalp and ensure that the hair that you’re growing is healthy, moisturized and clean. Using our Hair+Beard Wash and Conditioner removes the day-to-day build-up from oils and the environment. A clean scalp means that our conditioner can do the work to seal in moisture and help prevent breakage. Use this duo weekly to promote consistent growth and maintain your well-groomed look. 

Beard Love

We know just how important your beard is to you and while it’s no fun waiting to get back to your barber, at-home maintenance is key. Trimming your beard keeps split ends away and helps you better manage the shape and overall health of your beard. Just remember, trimming isn’t cutting -- so be sure to thoroughly wash and condition your beard and comb it out to identify any stray or unruly hairs that need to be trimmed. 

How do you maintain your “fresh from the barbershop” look at home?