The Ultimate Guide To 360 Waves For Black Men

For decades, black men have literally been creating waves. Their textured tresses, often at the center of attention for the undeniable 360 waves. It’s probably safe to say that #wavsonspin is almost like a cultural rite of passage. Even as children, little boys can’t wait to rock their wave caps and du-rags in hopes that they’ll be able to show off their waves much like their fathers and uncles. 

Although the process may appear to be difficult, waves are much easier to achieve than you think. Of course, you’ll want to start with healthy hair and in 5 simple steps, you can achieve the perfect 360 waves. 

Cleanse and Cut

If you want to achieve those head-turning 360 waves you’ll want to start with freshly cut hair, so pull out the clippers or schedule an appointment with your barber to ensure that your hair is no longer than 1 ½ for the optimal waves. 

After your cut, it’s time to cleanse with our Hair+Beard Wash. This gentle, plant-based cleanser is exactly what you need for a healthy, clean and moisturized scalp. 

Apply Product

With your hair still damp, apply a dime-sized amount of the Trinity Hills Water-Based Styling Pomade to your hair -- making sure to cover the entire head from root to tip. 


Once you’ve applied the Styling Pomade, grab our Boar Bristle Hair + Beard Brush to begin #makingwaves. Beginning at the crown of your head (or where the cowlick begins) start brushing away and downwards from the crown or cowlick. You’ll want to repeat this process for at least 2 minutes. 

Wrap with Durag

This step in the process is critical to preserving your waves, making sure that they stay intact for days to come. You’ll want to immediately add the durag after brushing and keep on overnight for the best results.