Meet Your Match: How To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Men

With the weather switching back and forth from colder to warmer temps, it’s time to take a hard look at the moisturizer you’re using. Fact is: soap and water just aren’t cutting it these days. And while we hope you’re moisturizing ALL year long, if you aren’t.. we’re here to help you change your ways.

Whether you have flaky, dry skin or are part of the sensitive skin crew, every grooming routine needs a moisturizer in its lineup -- and we’re not just speaking about face moisturizers, either. We’re breaking down the best moisturizers for African American men to keep your skin happy and healthy no matter the season. 


New to the moisturizing game? Chances are the face wash you’re using is stripping you of your natural oils. Start incorporating our Face Lotion into your daily grooming routine to reclaim that youthful glow. Packed with four powerful herbs and natural oils to deliver soft skin, this lightweight solution is fast absorbing and locks in all-day moisture for all skin types.


We’ve all been victims of having dry skin at one time or another. African American men with dry skin need more intensive hydration than any other skin type, which means heavier moisturizers are the best choice. Our Bergamot + Ginger Body Lotion is an ideal go-to, as it quickly absorbs into your skin without a greasy feeling. But if you’re looking for a deeper nourishment, try rounding out your grooming routine with the Body Butter. Made with skin-loving natural ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E, olive oil and more, this unscented moisturizer eliminates itchy skin while working to give you even skin texture and tone.


It’s true: certain things get better with age. But sometimes your skin just needs a little boost. Our PM Anti-Aging Cream works overtime to decrease signs of aging while moisturizing your skin. Its powerhouse ingredient of squalene helps smooth complexions and keeps you hydrated no matter your skin type.


If you’ve ever experienced chapped, itchy or cracked skin as a result of cold temperatures and/or dry heat, it’s time to treat your skin to the real deal. Not only does our Kokum Body Balm moisturize your skin without the greasy residue, but it also repairs and soothes the skin (cracks included!) to leave it softer than before. 


Sometimes everyday lotion doesn’t get the job done and more hydration is needed. If that’s the case, try our Daily Hydrating Face Oil to relieve dryness and balance your moisture all day. This lightweight solution is ideal for all skin types and usually comes in handy during the winter season when a deeper penetration is needed.