The Journey of growing a beard



     Men all around the world are embracing their facial hair and embarking on the journey of growing a beard. In many cultures and societies, a beard is a sign of power and masculinity. For many men, the process of growing a beard can become frustrating and daunting, however, with a few tips, your personal beard-growing journey can be life changing.

   #1 Understand it’s a journey and a process
No man grows a beard overnight, it’s a process. One of the most rookie mistakes is not realizing that growing a full and healthy beard takes perseverance, patience and maintenance. Yes, genetics and individual body chemistry play a part in the growth rate of your beard. With that being said, there are a few things that every man growing a beard should include in their beard nurturing regimen to help it grow to its maximum potential.

 #2 Cleanse and Exfoliate
Clean skin promotes hair growth. If your follicles are clogged with dirt and bacteria, hair cannot and will not grow. Cleansing should be done 2x daily. You should also incorporate exfoliating (that’s right, it’s not just for the women) at least 2x weekly. Exfoliating helps rid your face of dead skin cells that can clog pores and hair follicles. Exfoliating also can help prevent ingrown hair. Ingrown hair can prevent a beard from growing in evenly and no one wants a patchy beard. Don’t forget to keep cleansing and exfoliating once your beard as it gets fuller.


   #3 Condition
Once your beard starts to grow in, you’ll most likely notice that you will start to experience the dreaded beard itch. Conditioning your growing beard with a high-quality Beard Oil and/or Beard Balm can drastically reduce beard itch and keep your hair and skin moisturized which is necessity for hair growth. High quality, conditioning beard oils will contain natural oils such as coconut and jojoba. You want to condition your beard and skin every time you wash it by massaging the beard oil into your beard (bonus benefit if you apply it right after cleansing your beard in a warm/hot shower when your follicles are open, allowing for maximum absorption, resulting in a super soft beard). Massaging the beard oil will stimulate blood circulation in the area, promoting hair growth. If you want to go a step further, invest in a good beard balm. Balm gives you more of a styling option over Beard Oil and can help tame those flyaway and unruly hairs that the oil just can’t handle. A high-quality beard balm will also help condition and moisturize your beard as well. A plus with using Trinity Hills Co beard oils and balms is not only are they all natural, conditioning and moisturizing, they also have divine scents from woodsy to citrus and everything in between. Sensitive skin or just prefer to have an unscented beard? No problem, Trinity Hills Co has an unscented line or products.


   #4 Get yourself a beard comb
Using a beard comb gives you the benefits of making sure products are evenly distributed throughout your beard, helps keep your growing beard tidy, helps avoid unsightly ingrown hair, and it also is a necessary tool when you reach the stage where you want to start trimming your beard. Think about all the things you may touch during the course of a day and all the bacteria and germs that are transferred onto your hands. Now think about how many times you wash your hands during the course of that day and then constantly touching your face and beard…yea, not a pretty thought. Utilizing a beard comb/brush throughout the day vs. using your hands and fingers to comb through and smooth your beard will help reduce the amount dirt and bacteria in your beard and on your face, promoting faster hair growth. Plus, it just feels good. So, when you get that urge to touch…grab your comb instead.


   #5 Don’t give up!
As stated in the beginning, this is a journey and a process that takes patience, so don’t give up. Invest in high quality, natural products that will assist your genetics with growing your beard. Trinity Hills Co has a variety of all natural products such as beard oils, balms and much more that will suite your needs and help grow that coveted soft, moisturized, healthy beard!