Beard Care

    So, you’ve survived the beginning stage of growing a beard, great! Now what? Do you just leave it alone and allow it to grow as it pleases without any care or nurturing? Of course not, your beard isn’t going to take care of itself! You must now develop a beard maintenance routine that works for you and your beloved beard. The level of maintenance that a beard requires may differ from person to person, depending on length, hair type, style preference etc. However, no matter what, basic beard care and maintenance will be a must for all beards. Keep reading to get tips on basic proper beard care.


   May seem like common sense, but it’s an important step. Keep that beard clean. Invest in a good beard shampoo to cleanse dead skin cells and bacteria from your beard and skin, but does not strip your skin of its natural oils. In other words, your skin and beard shouldn’t feel extremely dry after shampooing. Use a shampoo that contains naturally moisturizing oils, such as Coconut oil and other ingredients that are not harsh on the skin and have a soothing affect, such as Aloe, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Hair can trap odors and bacteria, so remember to clean that beard daily.


   After you get your beard nice and clean, don’t forget to condition your beard by using Beard Oil or Beard Balm (Beard oil  or Balm will be a must to get that beard soft and supple). Using quality beard oil that contain ingredients such as Jojoba oil (closely mimics skins natural oil), Hemp Seed oil, Coconut oil, and Grapeseed oil will help restore moisture back into your beard. Conditioning with Beard Oil or Beard Balm will soften and increase the manageability of your man mane. Neglecting this step can result in a wiry, brittle, dry, and itchy beard, which will feel just as bad as it sounds.


  Once your beard starts growing in, you will want to keep a good Beard Comb in your arsenal. No matter the size, length, and style of your beard, there are a few simple beard combing tactics to keep in mind. Avoid combing dry hair, not only can this be painful, it can be extremely irritating to your skin and hair, causing the hair to fall out. You also want to avoid combing hair that is soaking wet. Soaking wet hair is in a weakened state and is more prone to breakage. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Okay, so when should I comb it?”. The answer is, right after you apply your favorite Trinity Hills Co. beard oil. Combing your hair when it is nicely moisturized with beard oil, will make combing through your hair easier and less irritating. Your beard comb will more easily slide through the hair and glide through any tangles it encounters. Using a beard comb also helps to evenly distribute the beard oil. Be gentle when combing, you don’t want to roughly comb your beard, causing irritation and breakage. Comb your beard from top to bottom and from the sides to the center. Doing so will help tame your beard and keep it looking neat. This also trains your hair to grow in the direction you want it to. The most efficient beard comb will have two sides, a wide tooth side and a side that’s narrow (such as the Trinity Hills Co. beard comb). Use the wide tooth side first and then use the narrow side if needed.

1 last tip

Even after following the above tips, you may still find you have some delinquent hair strands that just don’t seem to want to behave. This is where beard balm comes in handy. Beard balm has more of a hold vs. beard oil, a quality beard balm will also have moisturizing capabilities. So, you should always have a good beard balm around to discipline those unruly hair strands. You can also trim your hair, not shave or cut but trim with hair shears. Trimming allows you to shape your beard to your preference and helps keep it neat and tidy.
Make sure you incorporate beard care into your everyday routine. Trinity Hills Co. has what you need to make your beard maintenance regimen an enjoyable experience every time…moisturizing beard oil, two-sided beard combs, and moisturizing beard balms (just to name the basics). Show your beard some love and it will treat you right!