What is Beard Oil or Beard Balm

                     Beard Oil and Beard Balm: Make your Facial Hair Go Wild

     With a large variety to choose from it often becomes hard for men to select the right product for their beard. When some of the products have the same purpose, the selection becomes even tougher. Beards are have been around forever. It gives a more mature and manly look. So it would be wise to take care of such a trophy.

    If you are in search for some of the grooming products here, we have the complete information that will help you to select the best product.

Beard Oil

For the modern beard man, Beard Oil is the go to grooming accessory. The beard oil is a combination of the special carrier and essential oils that are perfect for the growth of the beard. it has been specially designed for the men that are at the beginning of their beard growing process or looking to keep their mane healthy and shiny.

Why you need beard oil

Here is the list of the reasons why you need the beard oil:
• When you start to grow the beard the skin under the hair becomes dry because lotions and oils cannot reach it.
• One of the biggest benefits that you will get from the Beard oil is that it will be your natural beard moisturizer.
• Proper application of the beard oil will keep the hair and the skin proper moisturized and hydrated
• There will be no dryness and you will not have to deal with the tangled beard hair
• It takes months to reach the medium facial hair length. There are only a few inches of growth every month and you have to be extra patient with the process.
• Selection of the right Beard Grooming oil will help you to quicken the beard-growing process.
• You can select the beard oil that has the mixture of the growth essential oils combined with the carrier oil
• For the proper and healthy growth of the beard, nourishment is very important. The beard oil is the perfect source to give your facial hair the external nourishment that they require.
• There are some special ingredients added in the Black Bottle B1 Beard Oil that will provide your hair the exact nourishment for the proper growth.
• If you like to blow dry your beard then application of beard oil will be the best way to protect your hair from the damage done by the warm air.

   How does it work

   A good beard oi consists of carrier oils and essential oils, both play a role in giving your beard the proper nutrients needed to grow a healthy beard and mustache.

Carrier oils Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil to name a few are loaded with nutrients not only beneficial to your beard but also the skin below. Coconut Oil and jojoba Oil is well known for aiding dry damaged hair and skin, which in return will promote healthy new growth and less breakage.

The essential oils present in the beard oil are specially selected to ensure that they will provide the nourishment and growth benefits to the beard. Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree are excellent for new hair growth. When combined with carrier oils its no wonder why beard oils should be a part of your beard grooming routine. With continued use soon you will notice that your hair will have a better growth rate. You will have a healthy beard with more volume.


Beard Balm

    Beard Balm is the perfect solution for the people that have excessively dry beard hair or extra long hair. The balm has been manufactured to have a better viscosity than the oil and most of the time it gives a better texture than the oil.
When you will apply the Beard Balm, it might take a little longer than the oil to set. If you have an excessively curly beard, you can apply the balm as the styling agent that will help to keep your hair in place.

Why you need beard balm

With the proper application of the beard balm, you will get the following advantages:
• The softness of the beard is very important for the healthy growth.
• The Beard Growth Oil might be good but it cannot give you the recovery benefits that comes with the beard balm.
• Every time you wash your beard hair, apply the balm immediately as it will enhance the softness of your facial hair.
• The coarse and dry hair will take more time to grow and they will break easily. When you keep your hair soft, you will not have to deal with the split ends. The best part is that the kids will love your beard.
• Your facial hair require proper maintenance and care. The Men’s grooming specialists have claimed that application of beard balm is the perfect way to give your hair a natural look in a natural way.
• Most of the products available in the market are odorless or they have a manly natural smell. It will help you to attract ladies.
• Itching and dandruff are the gifts that come with the growth of beard. It can turn into a nightmare if you do not take proper care.
• Proper application of the beard balm will help you to get rid of the itch and the balm has some natural chemicals that will inhibit the growth of dandruff also called the beard ruff.
• The layer of balm will provide the perfect protection to your facial hair. When you will wash the beard all the chemicals will be removed with the oil without damaging your hair.

How does it work

    The beard balm like the beard oil is manufactured with beeswax that is the perfect agent to help you tame your wild beast. The natural agents of the balm will help lay your beard down giving it a more clean well groomed look, no more fly away hairs and annoying beard itch. Beeswax is also know to protect your beard from the damaging sunrays because it will act as a natural sun block. The beard balm will minimize the secretion of excessive oils from the skin.

Which one should you get
If you have short beard hair then the beard oil will be the perfect choice. However, medium to long beard hair require beard balm.
Bottom line
Experimenting with the Beard Products is important, however, you have to keep it in the same limit. While selecting the Men’s grooming items it is important that you pay attention towards the retailers. Buying the high-quality products is essential to get the results that you desire. Ensure that you are aware of how to apply the products properly. Keep your facial hair natural and let them grow perfectly. Try experimenting with both to see which suits your needs